George Brett Shits Himself or “How I stopped trying to be witty and stuck to dick, shit and fart humor”

The past 24 hours have been the highest trafficked day in this sites history. (23X more then the average day) Much to the fact that if you type in the following phrases to google “Vishante Shiancoe Nude or Vishante Shiancoe Fox”  this magical website will pop up first.  So thank you google Gods for that. Apparently dick and fart jokes are still big items these days (Thank God).

As a token of my appreciation for those of you wasting time away  from you families, jobs, girlfriends etc to search for pictures of Vishante’s One-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater. I give you all this early christmas present of the hard to find, elusive George Brett Shits himself in Vegas video. (yes, Tad i know its a little old…) So pull up a chair and enjoy some more dick and shit humor and always stay classy…


Vishante Shiancoe leads the Vikings over the Lions with a big… wiener…um..err..winning touchdown

The Vikings won a real nail-biter against the now 0-13 Lions yesterday, Shiancoe caught Tarvaris Jackson’s game winning TD to seal the deal. Post-game Shiancoe was also apparently the man of the hour…. If Brad Childress (notice the eyes) put as much focus into his “kick ass offense” as he did to Vishante’s Purple People Eater…then this team  surely would be vying with the Giants for the number one seed in the NFC.


Vishante Shiancoe Week 14s MVPenis

Vishante Shiancoe Week 14's MVPenis



Reaction around the league:


Fox’s broadcaster Joe Buck had this to say about the incident-“That’s a dispicable act … totally classless…I’m sorry you all had to witness this folks”

Meanwhile ESPN broadcaster and all around badass Ron Jaworski had this to say about Vishante- “Let me break it down like this… I haven’t seen a football cock like that since  when I walked on in my wife banging the entire offensive line of the 1982 New York Jets.”

“I have no comment at this time”- Chris “Needle Dick” Cooley

“I am reviewing all the pertinent facts of the case, but I would say it’s very likely that I will be handing out multiple four game suspensions to any Vikings player associated with the act. The NFL has a long standing tradition against Nudity as well as a long standing tradition of fucking over the Vikings any chance we get” – NFL Commish Roger Goodell.