The easiest $40,000 you will ever make

The Economy continues to kick all of our asses week in and week out. As a professional handicapper I usually charge $159.99 for my lock(s) of the week. But seeing how we are already ankle deep in Chanukah and just hours away from Christmas I will give you all a very special Christmas Present. I will tell you a fool proof way to make $40,000 in 3 1/2 hours.



Step 1: Borrow $10,000 from a loan shark (put first born kid down as collateral)

Step 2: Bet $10,000 on a two team Parlay. (NY Giants OVER Minnesota AND Chicago OVER Houston)

Step 3: ?????

Step 4: Profit

Step 5: Make it rain (Pac-Man style) or Make it Snow (OU Alpha Chi Style)



Why am I so confident of this get rich scheme?

Becuase all it takes for the Vikings to make the playoffs is for either win over the Giants or a Chicago loss against the Texans. As a lifelong Vikings fan who has seen over 9000 huge letdowns. I can tell you with a 100% confidence that neither of these things will happen. Thus congratulations on your new found wealth.


BCS: A fair,true and accurate breakdown.

Strength of Schedule…. Harris Polls…Computer polls…”Style Points”….Colt McCoy’s creamy thighs….. The components of the BCS can be confusing to the common man, but we here at Gay Mariotti have broken it down to show you each component and subsequent rankings that went into picking Oklahoma as the Big 12 south Champ.


MAC users hate Mack Brown, its a known fact
33% of the vote: MAC users hate Mack Brown, its a known fact



1.) Alabama 2.) Oklahoma 3.) Florida 4.) Reed College (Steve Jobs alma mater) 5.) USC….118.) Texas 119.) Bill Gates in Bristol in the home of ESPN...I smell a conflict of interest

33% of the vote: in Bristol in the home of ESPN...I smell a conflict of interest

1. Brett Favre 2.) Brett Favre 3.) Boston Red Sox 4.) Brett Favre 5.) Stuart Scotts Lazy Eye 6.) Notre Dame 7.) USC 8.) The entire SEC 9.) Texas 10.) Oklahoma


Suddenly things become so much clearer....

33% of the vote: Suddenly things become so much Clearer




1.) Fresno State 2.) Cal State Fullerton 3.) Clemson 4.) FSU 5.) Georgia Tech….21.) Oklahoma.. 23.) Texas
 “Boomer Sooner!”