13 Things you probably didn’t know about Texas Tech

EDITOR’S NOTE: This was a group collaboration of BrettBoonesfarm, sharklover and RonMexico2002. Enjoy…

Graham Harrell washes his hands before going number 2 but not after.

Mary-Kate Olsen based her performance of Michelle Tanner from the television series Full House on Graham Harrell. Ashley Olsen, however, did not.

Mike Leech has attempted auto-fellatio over 9000 times, each time being unsuccessful.

Defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeil is single handily responsible for getting Arrested Development thrown off the air.

Michael Crabtree was the Key Grip on Sandlot 2 and co-wrote Sandlot 4: Step Up 2 Da Platez

Mike Leach can achieve two erections simultaneously.

Special Teams Coach Clay McGuire owns 7 Fleshlights.

In a recent GQ article, Jesus Humphrey Christ was quoted as saying “Why did I make Lubbock? …. Fuck it, we all make mistakes.”

Lubbock, Texas has the third highest rate of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) in it’s county and yet somehow, the highest overall in the entire United States of America.

It’s illegal to watch more than one movie at a time in Lubbock, Texas

Graham Harrell kissed a girl and he liked it, I hope Mike Crabtree dont mind it.

Water is not bottled in Lubbock, Texas – it’s canned

Notable Texas Tech Alumni John Denver wrote the script to 2girls1cup. Wes Welker wrote the score.

Predictions Week 14:

Oklahoma (-7) 156 Texas Tech 147 – the over/under on this game is 75 1/2. Bet the over!

Clemson 30 (-2.5) – Virginia 21 – zzzzzzzz

Minnesota (+6) 24 Iowa 20- Golden Gophers end their 3 game losing skid

Washington (-7) 17 – Wazzu 7- The Apple Cup is clearly the game of the week pitting 0-10 Washington vs 1-9 Washington State. What an awesome year for Seattle/Washington teams (See: Seahawks, Mariners, Supersonics)

Ohio State 41- Michigan (+20.5) 28- Remember when this used to be a decent rivalry?

Season: 42-18.

Against the Spread: 27-21-2