Billy Sims, Spokesman for OU?

“I love the university so much,” he said, choking back tears. “I try to be a spokesman for them. And I will continue to be myself and let people know about the great state of Oklahoma. And I will never, ever stop saying ‘Boomer Sooner,’ regardless of who don’t like it.” – Billy Sims


Billy Sims was a great college football player, and I feel bad for how his NFL career turned out…but in all honesty I think Oklahoma can find a better spokesman then a guy who:

A.) Beat his wife (Allegedly)

B.) Went Bankrupt

C.) Sold his heisman trophy….twice.


Boomer X 11

Boomer X 11

Spokesman for OU? 

I nominate Darrell Royal…



“Boomer!Boomer!Boomer!Boomer!Boomer!Boomer!Boomer!Boomer!Boomer!Boomer!Boomer!” -Gay