Asshat of the week: Roger Goodell


Goodell suspends Vikings player Bryant McKinnie 4 games for:

  • Getting in a fight with a bouncer at a night club
  • Attending the infamous  Vikings “Love Boat” party


Goodell suspends Broncos player Brandon Marshall ONE game for:

  • Being in a fight that ultimately got teamate Darrent Williams shot and killed.
  • 11 Domestic Disturbance phone calls
  • 1 Dometic Abuse Arrest
  • 1 D.U.I. Arrest
  • 1 assault on a police officer

Anyone that has ever been to a club or bar knows that roughly 80% of bouncers make up some of the biggest douchebags in the U.S.. But apparently getting in a fight with one as well with watching a couple of private strippers is four times worse then: Getting a teamate killed, beating women, driving wasted, and assaulting a police officer……..So I guess Goodell’s message is; “You can get a teamate shot in the neck, you can put a good old fashion beating on your girlfriend, you can pull a Billy Martin, but god damnit you sure as hell better not punch someone who is earning 10 bucks an hour whose sole job is to be a prick”?


Maybee its just that Goodell hates the Irish……