Eddie Sutton…. Still an asshole

Been a little light on the posting here for the past couple weeks. That should change next tuesday when we gets the internets in our apartment agains. Look for an in-depth Major league baseball preview, as well as ongoing NCAA basketball coverage, along with some more death pool updates (hopefully). Until then…i bid you ado. 



How could I have left him off my death pool?

How could I have left him off my death pool?


Gaymariotti goes to the BCS national Championship game!


John's ass everyone...

John's ass everyone...

This entry will be a little light today….Its noon 1:00 pm 2:24pm and we are already   still drunk  shitfaced. Our buddy(pic above) just walked around Miami for 30 minutes with a cock drawn on his face, he had no idea until a kind 80 year old woman informed him of this…another interesting note: We saw Kirk Herbstreit wasted at the club Mansion last night at 2am last night. Was on sportscenter less then 5 hours later…..guy is a pimp.Boomer fucking sooner! Tebow…you can go fist yourself. Hopefully tonight and tomorrow will be a 24 hour celebration!  meh, I have nothing clever to say today…look for a post game wrap up comming from RonMexico2002 later tonight but until then  heres some photos of the hottest woman alive….


Boooooonnnnneeer Sooooonnnneeer!

Boooooonnnnneeer Sooooonnnneeer!


God Fucking Damn...

God Fucking Damn...

Boomer Sooner!

A crazy Girl in Oklahoma? Shocking…….

Im not a huge fan of Youtube… but this shit is epic.

“I just wanted to make it snow”


I shot my thigh and I liked it, I hope Goodell and Bloomy don’t mind it…

   Plaxico Burress Everybody…


Random Image Thursday (Plaxico Theme)




Meh....its no Watchmen

Meh....its no Watchmen


Not Plaxico Related, but still awesome-o.

Not Plaxico Related, but still awesome-o.




13 Things you probably didn’t know about Texas Tech

EDITOR’S NOTE: This was a group collaboration of BrettBoonesfarm, sharklover and RonMexico2002. Enjoy…

Graham Harrell washes his hands before going number 2 but not after.

Mary-Kate Olsen based her performance of Michelle Tanner from the television series Full House on Graham Harrell. Ashley Olsen, however, did not.

Mike Leech has attempted auto-fellatio over 9000 times, each time being unsuccessful.

Defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeil is single handily responsible for getting Arrested Development thrown off the air.

Michael Crabtree was the Key Grip on Sandlot 2 and co-wrote Sandlot 4: Step Up 2 Da Platez

Mike Leach can achieve two erections simultaneously.

Special Teams Coach Clay McGuire owns 7 Fleshlights.

In a recent GQ article, Jesus Humphrey Christ was quoted as saying “Why did I make Lubbock? …. Fuck it, we all make mistakes.”

Lubbock, Texas has the third highest rate of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) in it’s county and yet somehow, the highest overall in the entire United States of America.

It’s illegal to watch more than one movie at a time in Lubbock, Texas

Graham Harrell kissed a girl and he liked it, I hope Mike Crabtree dont mind it.

Water is not bottled in Lubbock, Texas – it’s canned

Notable Texas Tech Alumni John Denver wrote the script to 2girls1cup. Wes Welker wrote the score.

Predictions Week 14:

Oklahoma (-7) 156 Texas Tech 147 – the over/under on this game is 75 1/2. Bet the over!

Clemson 30 (-2.5) – Virginia 21 – zzzzzzzz

Minnesota (+6) 24 Iowa 20- Golden Gophers end their 3 game losing skid

Washington (-7) 17 – Wazzu 7- The Apple Cup is clearly the game of the week pitting 0-10 Washington vs 1-9 Washington State. What an awesome year for Seattle/Washington teams (See: Seahawks, Mariners, Supersonics)

Ohio State 41- Michigan (+20.5) 28- Remember when this used to be a decent rivalry?

Season: 42-18.

Against the Spread: 27-21-2




For all you stupid Americans out there: Week 13 Preview (aka the worst week in college football history…..)


Seriously what the fuck, the past few weeks has given us great games like Alabama vs LSU, Penn State vs Iowa, Texas vs Every other team in the top 10, and Texas Tech vs the world. This week there is exactly one, one fucking top 25 match-up and that will be a Mike Tyson like raping when the Gamecocks of South Carolina travel into Tebow’s house. The ABC game of the week is Oklahoma State at Colorado….yes, the same Colorado who managed to lose to Missouri 58-0,  lose to the helpless Texas A&M Aggies, and needed a last second goaline stand against the Iowa State Cyclones. Should be a real nail-biter! Bleh, thank God Lebowski Fest is tomorrow.

Your about to enter a world of pain

Your about to enter a world of pain

Week 13 picks:


Northwestern 31(+3.5) Michigan 28- Fuck you Rich Rodriguez.

Wisconsin 27 Minnesota 17 (+13.5)- Remember when a couple weeks ago Golden Gophers fans were talking about a 12-1 season and a BCS birth? HA!

Navy 31(+4) Notre Dame 20– Charlie Weiss continues to resemble Mark Mangino more and more everyday.

Missouri 52 (-27) Iowa State 13– Poor, poor Iowa State.

Georgia 14 Auburn 10 (+8.5)- Yawn, what potential this had though….

Florida 45 (+22) South Carolina 13– At least Spurriers golf handicap is now only a 7.

Nebraska 52 (-7) Kansas State 31– The mighty Cornhuskers keep there Big 12 north title hopes alive!

Upset special of the fucking year.

Kansas 38 (+13.5) Texas 35


How could anybody bet against this guy?

How could anybody bet against this guy?


http://www.Gaymariotti.com – “Finkel is Einhorn”


Suddenly my desire for Brad Childress to be humiliated by a Bukakke Firing Squad has decreased somewhat

At least we dont have Wade Phillips as our coach.....
At least we dont have Wade Phillips as our coach…..

Minnesota: 28

Green Bay: 27


After 5 straight losses against the Green Bay Packers Brad “the bald eagle” Childress finally figured out a winning game plan (See: Hand off to Adrian, Repeat, Pass to Adrian, Repeat). Granted he needed a little help from Mason ” is Einhorn”Crosby, but fuck it, a win over the Packers equals like 2.6 wins in my book. After watching watching sportscenter 3 different times today I can safely say that The Vikings are going to win the super bowl. Write it down, call your bookie, cash in your 401k and bet the farm on it. Remember its the Vikings, what could possibly go wrong?

And what a touchdown it was!

And what a touchdown it was!