Deathpool update #1 : Carl Pohlad

Minnesota Twins owner Carl Pohlad died yesterday at the age of 93… I was the only one out of our  death pool to have picked him. So the early scoreboard is 1st place: me (7pts) ….tied for 2nd:everyone else (0).

Carl was a very polorazing man while alive, he made his fourtune forclosing on farmers during the great depression and many years later he partnered up with Bud Selig to try to contract the Twins from the MLB back in 2001. Ultimately, as a Twins fan, I can never forgive him for doing this. It was an malicious and unnecessary act of pure greed, but seeing how he made his fortune…how could you be surprised?

You could call Carl Pohlad greedy, shady, a backstabber, or even a stingy old crotchety asshole and I wouldn’t disagree with you. However he was a WWII purple heart recipient, and he did preside over the 1987 and 1991 world series winning Minnesota Twins. And for both of these things I must tip my proverbial cap to him. Without him, my greatest memory may never have came to fruition (1991 World Series, Game 7…sitting in the upper deck. Twins win 1-0 in 10 innings).

Even though I can never forgive him for what he tried to do to my beloved Twins, and Im sure there are/were many a family who curses his name daily for taking there land….. but he bravely fought for this country and was even hurt for his country in battle, and he brought the Twins Cities two of its finest years. So at the end of the day I guess I have to give the old man the respect he surely deserves. 

R.I.P Carl…. say hi to Kirby for us……


Thank you!!

Thank you!!

fuck you

fuck you




Holy shit!!! The first annual Celebrity Death Pool

As 2008 comes to a close… we prepare for the first annual Celebrity Death Pool
1. Submit your list of 25 celebrities/famous people to me by Dec 31st at or just post them on here in the comments section.
2. Points are awarded based on 100 – fallen celebrities age point system. (i.e. = Anna Nicole Smith at 39 y.o. fetched 61 points.) Dont worry about the same name appearing on multiple lists, this happens all the time.
3. I reserve the right to deem anyone on a list ineligible. The person has to be famous.
4. If you want in the MONEY pool. The entry fee will be $20. If we get more then 15 people signed up then it will be a 70% 20% and 10% split for the top three. If not, it will be winner takes all. The $20 is due to me by January 31st, but I need to know if you are in this pool by January 1st. If you dont want to be in the money pool, then post anyways…still fun.
5. I will try to post updates on this “note” and on as often as possible. But in the end YOU are responsible for notifying us if anyone on your list has bit the dust.
6. Contest ends on January 1st 2010
7. List Submission Team Names are encouraged
8. This is all in good fun…seriously…dont get bent out of shape about this.

Having trouble choosing or need hints?
Here is what most likely will be the winning list from the BYTO 2008 death pool:
Al Davis
Jeff Conaway
George Steinbrenner
Farrah Fawcett
Estelle Getty
Annette Funicello
Fidel Castro
Billy Graham
Kirk Douglas
Charlton Heston
Suzanne Pleshette
Muhammed Ali
Britney Spears
Charles Manson
Karl Malden
Dick Clark
Jan-Michael Vincent
Sid Caesar
Ariel Sharon
Elizabeth Taylor