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Contrary to popular belief we did not sell our naming rights to chip n dales…..just on a long summer hiatis..hell I was suprised my login actually worked. But apprently our internal clocks all ticked, the offseason is over. No more boring weekends filled with Tiger choke jobs or trips to your mother in laws. Its football time and this year we would like to say we kinda have our shit together here at gaymariotti, the first smell of pigskin is thursday night with 2 teams on my shit list the blue turfers of Boise State travel to Oregon and their Pac 10 officals. Its about time for some real action after watching 20 straight hours of a college football marathon im really on edge. Look for exclusive converage this weekend including us embarking on the dubious task of podcasts. Until then ….

Thank god

Thank god


The week that was…..Manny being Manny …….and Farve…..resembling a teenage girl

Yeah , were still alive……Just went on a short hiatis,nothing brings me out a hiatis better than a sick case of deja vu. Wasnt it about a year ago when Ed Werder and his awesome mustache were down mississippi in the swamp on Farve watch. And wasnt about a year ago when the ole gray beard decided he could still sling it and wanted to stick it to Ted Thompson for letting him go. Fast foward through the season, the departure of Chad Pennington to miami, a dismal finish , the firing of Eric Mangini, and the downfall of the New York Jets. Just stating the facts bald eagle, but something must have posessed Brad Childress to jump on a plane down to that same mississpi swamp. Maybe its the fact the future of the franchise rest heavily on the play of free agent singing of Sage Rosenfels. Because lets face it, Adrian Peterson cant do it all himself, with that line hes been worn out more than our favorite song poker face in just 2 short years. Thank god you didnt come back brett, spare of the next two months of your bargining with teams, or how you want the chance you show your old team up like suzy at the prom. I havent seen any new wrangler spots lately, maybe theres a fishing show in your future, your arm is dead. Stay in the south.

So Manny is juiced up, hmm what gave it away….was it the face that the baby fat he came up with in the indians organization has suddenly turned to muscle even though he was traded from a word champion baseball team for not wanting to play defense and being just plain lazy. Listen I could care less about this garbage, I was more interested in the news one of the golden girls passed away. Sorry Baseball purist, myself included, the game isnt pure anymore. We saw it in the spring with Aroid, they are probably alll juiced at some point and time. We are never going to get the game back pre strike. But its still americas pasttime, and we will still watch, and go thru the gates and pay the ticket prices, we like to see guys hit 70 long balls and throw 100 milles a hour. What the hell else are we going to watch in the dog days of summer, and im pulling your man card if u said american idol. The most comical part of this whole saga is the substance for which manny tested positive for….a female fertility drug. Used to even out the body and a steriod cycle. How many big names are actually firtile enough to be pregnant right now….we just one we know off, good thing he cant get knocked up we only need one Manny in the world. He might cost him the team the division…..after his off season holdout hes on thin ice….Maybe he can live off sales of his ridiculous rosta dome piece they have been hocking at the dodger games…So cal is a weird place


Madness…..Not so much

Every man has it in his DNA…..Towards the end of Feburary and the beginning of March…..when you long to hear the soulful voice of Mr Gus Johnson. When you try to turn ten lousy bucks into a couple hundred, and at the same time make rick ,your office rival look like a huge tool with your Cleveland State pick. For the second straight year this glorious event we know as the NCAA tournement has become a simple chalk event. Last year all four number one seeds made it through to San Antonio and we had an epic championship game between Memphis and Kansas. The opening week of this years tournement shows this to be a growing trend. Is is possible that the NCAA selection committee is actually getting it right for once. Two number one seeds looked impressive in opening two rounds….North Carolina had one bad half before guard Ty Lawson took over…..Uconn was barely touched in the first two rounds…..Louisville and Pitt survived second round upsets by Oklahoma State and Sienna to move on . So now we move on to the sweet sixteen with the most 1-4 seeds alive in a long time…..heres the weekends best.

Best Game-(Round of 16)
Tie…..Michigan state vs Kansas….KU’s youth and talent vs a Senior laden Spartans team

Oklahoma vs Syracuse……Blake Griffin vs the Cuse zone…..will OU’s guards show up?

Upset Alert…..UNC vs Gonzaga
Xavier vs Pitt…..no explanation I just
smell the upset here

Worse game…..Arizona vs Louisville….the Cats run
of low seeds ends here

Look for continuing coverage through the weekend on gaymariotti.com…..or you can just watch ESPN and see them talk about Obamas bracket for the 200th time


Rumble is a scorpio.....he enjoys long walks on the beach and just kicking it

Rumble is a scorpio.....he enjoys long walks on the beach and just kicking it

Ladies and gentlemen….your player of the year

Blake went off for 40 and 23 boards today…I hope Tyler Hansbrough was watching

College Hoops….UConn , OU steady UNC slips back up to 3

The ESPN coaches poll came out today and for the first time in over a month number one remained the same. Uconn survived a scare from Michigan at home, while number two Oklahoma got another conference win on Saturday improving to 9-0 in Big Twelve play. North Carolina , everyone’s preseason pick to be in Detroit seems to have righted its ship with a couple of ACC wins and the voters noticed moving the Tarheels back into the number three spot. With about 5 weeks remaining until selection sunday one thing is clear with one loss apiece the Sooners and Huskies appear on a collision course and what a dream matchup on the inside post that would be. But we all know funny things happen in March , get ready for a month long lunardi lovefest known as bracketology. Outside the top 15 several teams , such as preseason contender Texas, appear to have hit a brick wall. And as has been the trend this season The big east continues to beat up on each other, this weeks victim Syracuse, 2 weeks ago the cuse looked golden, but like texas appear on the downslide. Villanova seemed to have filled the two spot in the league, which im sure will change by next weeks report. Great weekend of basketball with several OT games and comebacks. Too bad it was all overshadowed by the A Fraud debacle…Oh and yeah, there is that one game coming up this week know and Duke/UNC speedo man is pumped up are you? See you next Monday.


Threw this one in for fun

The funniest shit ive seen in a long time

Thank collegehumor.com

Thank collegehumor.com