An arrogant attempt at a Modest Mouse Concert Bootleg.

yeah yeah yeah, I know. We have been gone for quite awhile, for some reason Ronmexico2003 was able to put up a post out of nowhere, but other then that things have been weaker then Dick Cheney’s sex drive around here lately……[crickets]……….. buuuuuttttt look for things to pick back up once baseball season hits the 2nd half and football season gets closer. Good news: We are in the process of putting together a weekly podcast, with the crew here having over 4 years of sports radio expirience I can confidently say that this will be a complete and utter fucking failure, but we should have some fun drunken times anyways. Many thanks go out to some of the loyal chumps people who continue to view this website on a somewhat regular basis. We will pick back up on this soon…I promise hope.

So with all that douche baggotry out of the way, I present to you our first ever (stolen somewhat, many thanks go out to for some of the videos) attempt at a bootleg. I was at the Modest Mouse show on March 15th and I must say it was one of there better live sets that I have seen (13 total, no restraining order yet). I have successfully found all the tracks almost all the tracks, from the show and now present them to you from beginning to end.
Enjoy….or not…..

3rd planet:


Black Cadillacs :

Here it comes (Partial :/) :

King Rat (Fuck yeah! Coming to an EP near you soon!):

The View:

Doin’ the Cockroach:

Custom Concern (from 2000):

Jesus Christ was an only child:

Dance Hall:

Baby Blue Sedan (5 nights later in K.C.):

Bury me with it (shitty quality, partial, blah):

Night on the sun:

Paper Thin Walls:

Satellite Skin:


Float On:

Parting of the Sensory:


Satin in a Coffin:

Interstate 8:

All Night Diner (very, very old live version):


Thanks for coming back to, see you again soon!


One Response

  1. This is exactly the 4th blog, of your site I really browsed.
    However I personally like this particular one, “An
    arrogant attempt at a Modest Mouse Concert Bootleg. Gay Mariotti” the best.
    Cya ,Houston

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